The skin of the inner thighs is thin with a thin dermis. It is very sensitive to changes in weight. Sagging skin is often associated with a fatty thickening causing friction during the walk.

The lifting of the inner thighs is an intervention we can offer to correct that.


A check-up consultation determines the type of intervention to realise:

A- When the patient feels embarrassed by the loss of muscle tone, sagging skin and excess subcutaneous tissue inside of the thighs, it is possible to intervene with a simple liposuction . It is performed by one or two skin incisions with local anesthesia.

B-Tissue laxity is an effect of aging, with wrinkles and stretch marks, it will be mandatory to remove the excess skin.

Firstly, the operation consits of a liposuction that will remove the fatty infiltration in this area. After the detachment realised, the cannula respects nerves, lymph vessels and blood vessels, ensuring simple post-operative.

Secondly, the excess skin will be removed by a incision whose shape will depend on the appearance of the inner face of the thigh. It may be horizontal, in the internal extension of the gluteal crease, vertical when it is necessary to reduce the diameter of the thigh-shaped or inverted L.


The surgery of the inner thigh is performed with general anesthesia and takes about two hours. A night of hospitalization is usually recommended. No drainage are applied. You can go back home the next day and must wear a constraining panty that extends to the ankles. Prevention of phlebitis is prescribed for 15 days by subcutaneous injections.

Local care are imperative to achieve an optimal result of healing in this delicate area. Oedema and scar disappear in 2 to 3 weeks.