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Men consult us mainly for their bellies and their “handles of Love” .

Some come after a diet and noting the persistence of these curves despite losing weight, they want a radical response.
The special feature of surgery of the silhouette is the quality of the skin that is often better because it does not undergo the ordeal of pregnancy.
We propose in this case liposuction all areas deemed unsightly during a usually under general anesthesia and return home the same day.
The operative technique and postoperative are similar to those of women with the exception of the sheath that does not have laces!

lipoaspiration homme Clinique Argonay


The damaged skin, stretch marks and sagging with however after seeing strong often chokes consecutive bariatric surgery (gastric banding, bypass …) for obesity.

Liposuction will not be enough because it lacks the ability to remove the cutané.An excess abdominal lipectomy or abdominal lift for smaller releases will be offered.

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