What is a nymphoplasty?

It is a plastic surgery procedure for reducing the labia minora (inner labia) and the labia majora ( outer labia). Two techniques are possible, the so-called longitudinal technique which reduces the labia by a small vertical incision and the triangular technique which shortens it by a central exeresis followed by a reconstruction .This latter method is the one we always choose due to the natural result.

Do we need to be hospitalized?

The nymphoplasty is an operation that lasts 45 minutes under general anesthesia or neuroleptic .The patient can return home on the very day of the intervention (ambulatory).


The nymphoplasty is intended for patients with abnormal development of small labia. There is no specific standard a normal size . An operation is recommended when the labia exceed significantly and women can be embarrassed, not only aesthetically but also physically, espcially for the practice of sport when they have to wear special clothing or during sexual intercourse.

Result and post-operative of a nymphoplasty?

The pain is moderate but invloves some constraints. Local care by nurses are essential. Surgical stitches are absorbable completely. Loose clothes are strongly recommended (no tight pants) Both sexual intercourses and sport activities during the month following the operation is not recommended .

nymphoplastie petite lèvre


Figure 1:

A -Relief labia

B- Clitoris

C –Labial hypertrophy

D Vaginal orifice

In green the layout of the triangular resection


Figure 2:

After resection, the top flap will reconstruct the minor labia

Figure 3:

The sutures are absorbable and future scars will be concealed