oreilles décollées opération



The otoplasty aims to correct the auricle’s cartilaginous abnormalities which are the cause of the prominent aspect.

This intervention can be performed around 7 years old, when the ear has reached its adult size.

It can be performed as soon as the child is worried by the shape of their ears.
Principles of Otoplasty

A discreet incision behind the ear, we reshape the cartilage.
We treat the failure to kinking antihelical and conchomégalie (cf).

The operation lasts a little more than one hour and can be performed under general anesthesia or neuroleptic analgesia.

Most often the child is hospitalized for a night accompanied by one of his parents.


The post-operative surgery of prominent ears are simple.

Pain is usually minor and if necessay, can be treated using pain killers and inflammatory drugs. The ears may be ecchymosed ( bruised) that will disappear very quickly.

Dressings every 48 hours for 15 days will be prescribed. The child will be reviewed at the 7th and 14th postoperative day. After removing the son, we recommend massage scars and applying a silicone cream to reduce the risk of occurrence of hypertrophic scar.

Result of Otoplasty

We have to wait 2-3 months to assess the final result of an otoplasty.

Information sheet about Prominent ears surgery

otoplastie information

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